Five Top Tips that give you an advantage when applying for a Tenancy

Finding the perfect rental property can be tough, but once you’ve found it, the jobs not done. You still have to make sure that you are the person who secures it! We at Rooms2let Doncaster have compiled a list of points that can help give you an advantage over anyone else who may be applying for the same property, but also to make sure you’ve got everything ready and lined up when you submit your application so that the process can go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

1) Rental history

This means you have signed an agreement with an independent landlord, and satisfied the terms of the agreement (Served minimum/fixed term, given a full months notice dated correctly, paid all outstanding rent, left accommodation in good condition, all disputes settled).  Must cover at least the last year, or a reference from the previous landlord may be required.

2) Guarantor

If you don’t have a lot (or any) rental history a guarantor is normally required as your payment history is unknown. This is usually a proven property owner and even better if it is a close relative.

3) Identification

Different landlords require different forms of identification, and sometimes two forms such as a photo ID and a bill of some sort. Passport, Driving Licence, Council Tax bills, or a bank account/current account statement.

4) Job references/history

Full employment record is an advantage, and can help potential landlords see that you’ve been responsible and will be able to pay your rent.

5) Solid character reference

This needs to be from a non relative (senior to yourself if possible for the under 30’s) who has known you for some time (the longer, the better).