Five Top Safety Tips when Renting Accommodation


IMG_4249Trying to find the best rental property can be hard. You want to make sure that it’s within your budget and in the area you want to be in. Often overlooked and not thought of are if a property has important safety features that can protect you and your loved ones. Below are some safety tips to look out for on your next rental property.


1. Make sure that the property has adequate Fire Detection Equipment. If it is a self contained flat or a standard 2/3 bed house then it needs mains backed linked smoke detectors. If the property is shared and has a second floor, then by law it needs a professional fire detection system similar to a hotel (Red break glass points etc).


2. Make sure that there is a current Gas Safety Certificate. This covers the boiler, gas fires and cookers. It also covers the gas pipe installation.


3. Make sure that there are properly installed half hour fire doors on the kitchen and each accommodation unit entrance (Flat or room in a shared house) The doors should have a heat/smoke strip and a fire door closer installed.


4. Make sure that there is a current Electric Certificate. the fuse boards must have RCD protection.


5. Make sure that there is no overcrowding. All multi-let properties must be Licenced or Registered. A property that is either Licenced (more than 4 people of a separate household and on properties with a second floor) or Registered (more than 2 people of a separate household even in a standard house).


At Rooms2let in Doncaster we provide not only quality rental properties, but properties that you can be sure are safe and comply with current safety regulations. Call us today to view your next home.